About Mudskipper


Mudskipper Labs is  a premium factual studio dedicated to producing films that create Global impact. We believe in the incredible power of storytelling and are driven to bring about transformative change in human consciousness through the Epic stories we tell.

With a passion to raise awareness about our Planet, we believe there is nothing like the power of cinema to inform and inspire people across the World. By combining dramatic storytelling with larger than life visuals and epic character journeys, we have managed to successfully create a new genre in factual films that are both meaningful and entertaining.

With a strong belief that great stories resonate universally, we are rooted in the tales of our land, its wildlife and its people and are passionate about taking these untold stories to the World. Through our films, we touch upon not just social and environmental issues but raise questions about our collective future

Our expertise lies in a wide network across the globe, thorough research processes, access to the latest filming technology and A-listed creative talent. By diving deep into our subjects and providing never seen before perspectives, we hope to invite our audiences to journey along with us and leave them deeply inspired to bring about real change.


As a company Mudskipper is built on a foundation of strong ethics and values. We are committed to nurturing and executing ambitious ideas and doing so with sincerity, sensitivity and artistry.

Our team comprises individuals with an uncompromising attitude who understand the value of hard work and a commitment to deadlines.

An inclusive culture that includes collaborators from all parts of India and the World, we encourage gender equality and celebrate the inclusion of women in our core teams.


Founded in 2018 with an aim to revolutionize the world of factual filmmaking by combining the power of storytelling with the latest in cutting edge technology and the collective power of creative talent from all across the world, Mudskipper has managed to create a unique model of cross border collaborations.

A name inspired by the process of evolution itself. The humble Mudskipper has the ability to adapt both on land and in water, immortalized by Douglas Adams in his book Last Chance to See where he says- “I suddenly felt, well, terribly old as I watched a mudskipper hopping along with what now seemed to me like a wonderful sense of hopeless, boundless naive optimism. It had such a terribly, terribly, terribly long way to go. I hoped that if its descendant was sitting here on this beach in 350 million years’ time with a camera around its neck, it would feel that the journey had been worth it.”

Similarly, we are committed to this journey of a collective evolution for a better tomorrow through our stories.


Though we are based in India, we collaborate with the best international teams to deliver high quality films with impact. Our team and collaborators include Emmy, Grammy & BAFTA winners and have worked on projects like ‘Our Planet’ on Netflix, “Tiny world” on Apple TV and the recently Emmy nominated ‘Trafficked’ on National Geographic channel. Some of our organizational partners include BBC, National Geographic society, Sony BBC Earth and Discovery Channel in India.